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Photo by Courtney Marie Photography based in Rochester, NY.

Our Focus

Courtney Marie Photography focuses on finding the essence of the client and deliver a beautiful photo experience. Whether you need a wedding photographer, corporate photographer, portrait photographer, family photoshoot, a boudoir shoot, or a photographer just for fun, our professional photography services are here to serve you.

Who is Courtney?

We started this journey as a challenge to use the resources at our disposal to do something that we thought we may love. Little did we know, our hunch was spot on. After owning a camera for many years, a friend of Courtney Marie asked her, why do you have such an awesome camera and do nothing with it. Knowing that Courtney always had an eye to see the magnificent even in the mundane, her friend pushed her to do more and she stepped up to the plate and realized she found her calling.

In August of 2020 while the Coronavirus Pandemic raged on, Courtney decided that there was no time like the present to do what she loves. Thus, she started her photo business and has since captured beauty that continues to feed the spirit. Now, Courtney is dedicated to giving clients fun and exhilirating experiences that they will not soon forget. She loves challenging her craft and refining her skills. Courtney Marie Photography isn't a company that stays complacent but is always looking to deliver the best for the sake of the art and the sake of the clients. When you're ready, book your experience or give it as a gift to someone you care about.

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